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State Department will do everything they can within their power to make certain you lose your children forever

If your child has been abducted to another country by your former spouse you need to know some things you are not likely to find out easily. One of them is to BEWARE the United States State Department. Most people either on their own or by ill-informed advice from their lawyers contact the State Department for assistance. This is far worse than relying on a rubber crutch.

The lawyer referrals by Citizens Counsulor Services at in the best of cases very poor. That is only your first problem you will encounter with the State Department, it gets worse from there. In many cases, State will contact local social services agencies and ask for a "background investigation" on you. Seldom does the State Department advise citizens this is being done. These "reports" are generally hatchet jobs on American citizens. If anyone in your community has anything bad to say about you, you can pretty well count on those social investigators finding them and in their reports treating rumors and innuendoes as proven facts. These reports are "dig up as much dirt as you can" types designed to sabotage any chances you otherwise might have in the foreign jurisdiction to get your children back.

To say the very least the State Department will do everything they can within their power to make certain you lose your children forever. In addition, that includes providing foreign courts with knowingly false or misleading information about you.

The other factor you can count on is that the State Department and Embassy people will not help you at all. They will side with the foreign national and foreign legal systems against you, up to an including aiding in your false arrest. More than one American parent has gone to recover their kidnapped children only to be arrested and jailed in the foreign nation. The embassy will not help you, and most likely will aid in your prosecution.

If you think this all is a bit of exaggeration this strident, anti-American attitude within the State Department is so extreme that it has included the American wife of a British Ambassador. Many American parents have had horror stories appear on 60 Minutes, 20/20 and other television Tabloid programs. Even when a former President tried to intervene in a couple cases, the State Department deliberately undermined the President's efforts on behalf of the American parents.

Our advice is that whatever you do please avoid any and all contact with the State Department and American embassies. If you intend to flee to safety, we would advise you to seek shelter in the Canadian or Swiss embassies. There have been cases where guards at American embassies took citizens inside the embassy seeking shelter and forcibly turned over the parents and children to the foreign authorities. This was true in a recent case in Saudi Arabia even when embassy people knew that the 9-year-old daughter was being married off into sexual slavery. Please do not look to us to explain this nightmare attitude by the State Department; it makes no sense at all. However, we have personally seen it repeatedly enough to know it is not just an isolated problem but also a pervasive attitude within the State Department and the embassies. It is better to seek either our help, or independent resources in the nation where your children are located.

The problem is not limited to oil states. Embassies in Germany, France, and England are as bad as or worse than the horror stories you have seen on television from Middle Eastern nations.

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This page dedicated to: child abduction, child custody, child abuse...

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